#NonfictionBookClub: Recap of Meeting One and Some Lenses for Nonfiction Reading and Club Preparation

Thank you all for joining on Monday night. I am learning so much already! Many of our club members have experience with book clubs in general, and specifically with adult book clubs using Twitter as a discussion avenue. 

One thing that makes our book club slightly different is that the content of our book is not the focus of our club, nor will it be the main focus of our discussions. Instead, we will study how we read and write to prepare for a nonfiction book club discussion, and what we do during discussions to grow ideas. 

Here is a recap of some of what we discussed: 

  • We will read the introduction, and chapters 1 & 2 for Monday, July 7. We will meet on Twitter at 8pm EST to discuss. 
  • Our next meetings will be July 21 and August 4. Our goal is to read chapters 3-5 for July 21 and 6-7 + the conclusion for August 4. We can adjust this plan if needed. 
  • We discussed possible lenses we can use to study our work.
    • We can study ways that writing leads to stronger talk.  This might include studying the kind of writing we do, or what we choose to write about, or how often we write. 
    • We can study ways we search for ideas, not just facts.
    • We can study how we make personal connections to information.
    • We can notice what we do when we step back from the content of the book to study the author’s craft.  

There is so much more that we can notice and name as we read. Of course, new ideas about what we can study will abound once we are doing the work. Please feel free to leave comments adding to this list – what other lenses are you using to study your work? How are you getting ready to talk about the text? 

Happy reading!

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