SOLSC: La Pluie

Today is Tuesday, Slice of Life Story Challenge Day.

A favorite Don Graves quote I’ve posted before, as a reminder of why we teachers should write:

 Write yourself. Invite children to do something you’re already doing. If you’re not doing it, Hey, the kids say, I can’t wait to grow up and not have to write, like you. They know. And for the short term and the long term, you’ll be doing yourself a favor by writing. All of us need it as a survival tool in a very complex world. The wonderful thing about writing is that it separates the meaningless and the trivial from what is really important. So we need it for ourselves and then we need to invite children to do what we’re doing. You can’t ask someone to sing a duet with you until you know the tune yourself.


A reminder of what Slice of Life Writing is: 

At Two Writing Teachers, teacher writing is supported and promoted each Tuesday and all month long in March with the Slice of Life Story Challenge. Teachers and students from all over the world come to Two Writing Teachers to share their stories, small moments, or segments of a day in their lives. Writers, or Slicers, as they have come to be known, respond to each other with encouraging comments and warm support. This post is my Slice of Life story for today. I welcome others to click here to find out how to join the challenge. Whether you are a teacher of writing or have a different profession entirely, writing is a sure way to uncover truths you didn’t know existed.

Our students are currently in a poetry unit of study. Click here to hear about our process. As such, I decided to try my hand at some poetry today. 

Today’s Slice: 

La Pluie

Walking in the rain today
I’m back in French class
Turning the words over in my mouth
La pluie

There is the back of the boy’s head
A thrill from just his hunched shoulders
He chews his pencil
Straining at the words

The teacher says
La pluie The rain

Twenty years later
Who would think
I’d still be that girl. 

WRITE a slice of life story on your own blog. SHARE a link to your post in the comments section. GIVE comments to at least three other SOLSC bloggers.


3 thoughts on “SOLSC: La Pluie

  1. Anna, love your poem! French class is light years away for me, but since I leave in Seattle with constant drizzle . . . I’m glad to have rediscovered “la pluie.” Wonderful words from the quote you shared – “All of us need it (writing) as a survival tool in a very complex world.” So glad to have discovered my voice here at Two Writing Teachers. .

  2. Isn’t it amazing how just walking in the rain can trigger so many memories? Thank you for sharing Don Graves’s wise words. It’s so important for us to “know the tune” ourselves!

  3. I think I need to set that Graves quote into a graphic and post it on Pinterest. I just love it!

    I, too, took French from 3rd grade – 12th grade. There are so many things that trigger my memory and take me back to French class. Funny how that happened for you too.

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